Unfolding the Layers 1

27th August, 2020

“Unfolding the Layers” – exploring the landscape of the Sunshine Coast, from bays to mountains.

Landscape has forever enticed an artist to explore and interpret their emotive reaction to the world around them. The diverse landscape of the Sunshine Coast, includes the shoreline, the adjacent Wallum bush and wetlands, monoliths such as Mt Coolum, and the surrounding hinterland. The artists in this exhibition have explored various pockets of landscape, each uniquely interpreting their responses phenomenologically, from work produced in situ, to works that reflect their emotional response in the studio.

The devastating bushfires of 2019 and 2020 have seen remarkable regeneration of the landscape, washed clean by rain and coastal winds. Some of the work in this exhibition captures the regrowth and nature’s resilience, explosions of colour upon charred sand and soils.

Adjacent to these landscapes remains the untouched beaches where the ocean and wind have sculptured beautiful bays and headlands, an energetic and constantly changing atmosphere that entices the artist to capture its energy, turbulent or contemplative.

Participating artists Dianne Smith, Trevor Hood, Pam Walpole, Kym Barrett, Desley Rolph, Wendy Lakeland, Kerry Wilson, Cheryl McGannon, Rosie Lloyd-Giblett, Helena Jackson-Lloyd, Yanni Van Zijl, and Tony Coles, have an established reputation in the region, and throughout Australia.

Part 1 of Unfolding the Layers focuses on the works of artists Cheryl McGannon, Desley Rolph, Helena Jackson-Lloyd, Kery Wilson, Kym Barrett, and Tony Cole.